I believe passionately that many of our issues stem from disconnection from our food, our environment, our emotions and ourselves.

I don’t have all the answers, but my wish is that as a community perhaps we can learn from each other.

Join in the discussion. Stories and sharing stories truly have the power to change, so lets share our stories.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Dive in to find simple tasty recipes, each one is a guide to allow you to personalise it for your tastes and to add whatever is in your fridge.


My thoughts, my passions, please join in the discussions and together we can share our ideas and thoughts.  Life is changing around us and as Will.I.AM says we need to have a seat at the table as change will still happen around us  so let’s ensure we are represented.

Share Your Stories

I am really looking forward to receiving your stories so that we can share our experiences, and reconnect with our communual wisdom. I believe that only by having meaningful conversations, by sharing our stories can we change the world.

“What if our brain is reflecting our gut and therefore our mood is affected by what we eat?”