I just love this soup because I invented it in a hurry, and it combines everything I love in a good recipe it uses up leftovers, it is tasty, it never tastes the same twice, it is healthy and nutritious and it uses pantry ingredients – so you can always make it for a quick lunch, for yourself, for friends when you get back from a trip etc.

My Dad always takes a jar with him on trips so he can always make himself a meal in hurry.

Also if you add a bit of honey and a bit of rice wine vinegar and make a paste and marinate fish especially cod preferably for at least 24 hours you have Nobu’s black cod!

This is a soup I wing everytime so forgive me for not being prescriptive with the quantities as usual as I use what I have.


1 litre or more of hot water, veggie water or stock
Fridge vegetables – perhaps a random carrot; courgette, half a manky pepper, half a sweet potato whatever you have at home.
Brown Rice Miso Soup Paste
Rice Noodles or Soba Noodles

Optional Protein:

Cooked chicken, ham, chorizo


The base is a hot liquid – I usually use veggie water which is the leftover water I have whenever I steam vegetables I just pour it into a jug and leave it in the fridge and use it for everything cooking pulses, rice, diluting smoothies, making baby food and of course soups.

So I pour at least 1 litre of the veggie water or just boiling water into a saucepan and bring it to the boil, then I add noodles such as rice noodles or sob noodles which are yummy and made from buckwheat. Let these boil in the water.

Now I add frozen cooked prawns which I have taken from the freezer cut lengthwise in half to double the quantity and allow them to cook faster and which I have soaked in boiling water.

You can add leftover anything ham, chicken, tofu, halloumi – you imagination is the only limit .

I then grate very thin ribbons of carrots, perhaps sweet potato, green beans, whatever is in the fridge – the plan is not really to cook them into the water just allow them to warm through.

When you have added everything take it off the heat and take a biggish tablespoon of good quality miso soup paste – add less if you are unsure as it can be a bit salty stir it through so it dissolves and taste.

You can add chillies, grated ginger, garlic anything you like – sometimes i just wash a whole egg in its shell and pop it in to cook in the water for about 3-4 minutes fish it out break it open into the soup. It goes all creamy!!!

Quick Tip:

If you are working in office you can put all these ingredients including the miso soup paste into a jar or heat proof thermos and when you get to work add hot water and voila – healthy pot noodle!!!!

Weirdly you can even add raw mushrooms!!