I have Goan heritage and so we talk stools, poo, and bowels with strangers it is just how we are – we may not talk about emotions or have public displays of affection (PDA), but you know everybody’s bowel status!  


We don’t talk poo in the West and we need to know about it and be aware of – not in the manner of a well known poo food lady , but we need to know what is regular, know our individual cycle, notice changes in consistency due to food or emotions.  How do we react to fruit, vegetables or meat or food combinations baked beans!.
If it is too hard to pass our poo then perhaps we need more liquid -perhaps we have too much salt in our diet so it is acting like those silica gel packets we find in everything we buy – absorbing all  the moisture from our body. 

Our digestive system is a good pointer of the health of our internal organs and hence a pointer to our emotional health.  Often we talk of our emotions affecting our digestion, but often our gut is talking to us first so maybe it is the other way around and the gut is talking to us through our bodies?  


When we are happy and content our body seems to work efficiently , our breathing is even, and so we can naturally burn fat and we feel good in our body, when we are sick our body is out of balance often our adrenals are working overtime and so our body believes itself to be in crisis so it doesn’t burn fat as all body processes are diverted to the crisis.  

There was an article in the newspaper last week about a young girl who died after not going to the toilet for 2 months!  (The Telegraph)

This may seem like an extreme, but I have met many people who suffer from either diarrhoea or regular constipation and just accept it as a part of life until it chronically affects their life.

Going to the toilet is an emotional metaphor it is about being able to let go of emotion – are we holding in emotion or perhaps processing too much of our and other peoples emotions?  

Children and babies are particularly sensitive to emotions as they often do not have the emotional filters we have and so don’t have the tools to deal with the unexpressed and expressed emotions of themselves and others. 

Therefore it falls to us as their parents or carers to ensure that we provide them with enough fibre and liquids to help them, massaging their tummies if they have a problem  or if you are still breastfeeding then as the Mum eating enough dates and figs for example and drinking lots of water to share this with your baby to help them.

Please don’t be bashful about talking poo in your families it is completely natural and through these conversations we learn in our families what is normal for each person and they learn about their health – which is beautifully unique. 

If we know about ourselves we can hopefully monitor changes in our health and be proactive about our health instead of reactive to an illness.

May your poo’s be free and easy!!!
If they are not drop – connect with me and let’s see if we can get to the bottom of it excuse the pun!