As we get into our 40’s these minerals are critical for healthy bodies and our ability to be able to maintain emotional balance and perspective and sleep consistently.


Unfortunately, our lifestyles have forced many of us into a continual adrenal crisis – “fight or flight” response, our bodies were designed to have this response as a back up – not be on high alert all the time and so naturally we get burned out.


Be aware of what causes stress in you, increased heart rates – it could be coffee, reading the news, listening to the radio, multitasking etc are you losing all perspective if you lose your car keys, do you get regular muscle cramps and spasms, wake up at odd hours of the night?  Are you craving sugary snacks drinks or even salty snacks – often this is a sign your body is trying to tell you that it is magnesium deficient.


If so it is time for balance  – some of these triggers are unavoidable and some of them can be better compartmentalised in a positive way.


Each year, month, and day has a rhythm and so do we as individuals if we become aware of this we can harness this so that we do not become exhausted and “stressed” and suffer adrenal fatigue.


I am at my best energetically in the morning so I know to do accounts and brain work in the morning and then my energy level dips in the afternoon around 3-4pm so I hunt out the biscuit jar and sweetie tin.

However, if possible now I try and get out of the house walk around the garden, pick a few weeds or do something physical – star jumps etc and that helps get over the dip or work off the sweets!

Also look at your diet and see if it contains enough magnesium if not look at increasing magnesium rich foods such as red meat, nuts, leafy greens, fish, soya beans (edamame), avocado, bananas and dark 80% chocolate.

Look at perhaps using a magnesium spray such as ” Better You” or better still pour a handful into bath and perhaps a drop of your favourite aromatherapy oil, light a candle and just soak away the day.  It will soak in through your skin after about 20 minutes and you can say goodbye to the stresses of the day.

I work from home most of the week so this bath ritual has changed me as it allows me to mark the end of  a work day, my son is in bed and I can get into home mood and my husband and I can enjoy a relaxed evening and I sleep so much better.

Do have a look at some recipes such as Raw Chocolate, Chocolate Avocado Mousse and Pimped Baked Beans.