As with all good family recipes we compete as to whose is the best, I will let you decide how to tweak yours to suit your tastes. However, it is a great basic paste that I use in absolutely everything – think pesto substitute.






1 Bag of Fresh Coriander
3 Garlic Cloves
1 Peeled deseeded lemon cut in half
1 Pinch Rock Salt

1 Green Chilli
1/2 Block of Creamed Coconut

1 Pinch of Pepper

Little liquid, water/ veggie water




  1. In a processor add all the ingredients with a dash of liquid and grid it until you have a loose pesto consistency paste.


Like all good spice combinations with time they marinate and blend together smoothly, however you can use this paste in is so many different ways.




Variations & Tips


  • It is a great marinate – for chicken, fish, meat and tofu. Often I will take some chicken, meat, tofu or fish just cover them in a mixture of yoghurt and this coriander paste then cover and keep in the fridge.
  • It can also be stirred through pasta just like a spicy pesto.
  • It can be added to yoghurt for a tasty dip – or dipped on its own with Samosa’s, breadsticks or as a spread for a fried egg!
  • The strength of flavour of the coriander and garlic really varies so being flexible with how much you add or each ingredient is important.  Keep tasting until it tastes just right for you.
  • European Garlic has a much stronger pungent flavour and even when it is imported into the UK it still does not seem to retain that flavour. It is the same with the coriander a bunch of Indian coriander is enough for a vibrant green colour and its unique flavour, but UK coriander seems to require more salt to bring out the flavour.
  • Make some and keep it freezes really well, so you can always reuse silicon ice trays so you can just pop in a cube into a cooking bolognese, adds a punch to a gravy or a slow cooking stew.