Health advice on vegetables, fruit and food varies all the time depending on which paper you read and which way the wind is blowing.

Just like fashion – why do we rely on somebody else to dictate what we should wear, what colour or style suits us surely we know ourselves the best – even we don’t does it really matter.  Are we that superficial that we can not look deeper at a person than their clothes.

The media would also have us extend the same judgmentalism on food – what we should eat, how many calories, what food groups blah blah.

If fashion is about expressing yourself externally – why can’t we do the same with food?

I think if we can trust in our intuition we will be right, just because our brains don’t get it –  it is an intelligence that works on a different level. Surely evolution would allow our body’s natural intelligence guide us at to what our body needs and nature would have provided this seasonally, however the accessibility of supermarkets and an excess of choice and misinformation has meant we second guess ourselves.

Our cravings for foods, colours, textures are all our indicators our body is using to communicate with us – perhaps we are craving bland food, crunchy food, sweet foods, comfort food, red food, green food.  We are so quick to listen to others – why not ourselves?

On behalf of your body, please listen to it first before you judge it.

Trust your cravings your body is talking to you.