It is important for us to be honest with ourselves about our cravings they are our body’s intuitive system communicating with us.
If our body is saying it wants junk, carbohydrates, sugar or meat we “override” or ”indulge” it, but do we really listen to it and try and hear what it is actually telling us.  Perhaps it is really communicating with you in the way in which you understand by making you crave certain foods, focus on a colour, spicy foods or making you put on weight or feel low in energy.
I believe the following:
  1. There is no such thing as a bad food or even good foods for that matter – the difference is in the awareness.
  2. Balance is important and this means different things every day, some days we need more minerals than others for example.
  3. Ultimately by trial and error you will define your “Foodprint” the foods that sustain you and those that drain you – just like people.
  4. Your “Foodprint” will empower you and enable you to find your own weight.
  5. Love food  – when you eat be aware – connect – rediscover your passion embrace every taste, texture, colour, form, and smell. This alone will change how your body metabolises food.
  6. Variety is important so your digestive system does not get lazy.
  7. Have fun with food.
Food is so much more than the fuel that keeps your body going, as we learn our foodprint I believe we can change our health permanently.