In this website I write about my life, my passions and share my recipes.

I believe passionately like the Chinese that food and medicine share the same roots.

I have always been an intuitive cook, it runs in my family, food was always the bridge to conversation, for business meetings and family meetings.

Despite working in business environments, marketing, and our family businesses for over 20 years – food is a passion that beats strongly in my heart.

It is what makes me smile, makes me mad, excites me – wakes me up at 3am.

I have studied clinical nutrition, but am not a nutritionist but I am a “self taught cook”.  Aren’t we all out of a necessity to feed ourselves, our friends, our families and our children?

I have had my own health challenges, food allergies, skin issues, weight gain, weight loss, muffin tops, bingo wings – you name it!  I see these all as opportunities as it has encouraged me to learn about food and how it impacts our body through experience and conversations without the legacy of trying to fit a person into a neat box.

We don’t fit into boxes as we are emotional beings and so is our digestion which will react to our state of being and this will change it ebbs and flows like water.

I am also a mother to a young son, who has inherited our love of exploring food and so many of my first recipes were inspired by teaching him about taste and texture and watching how his tastes evolved as he gets older.

As an artist or a writer you can channel your passion and depict another world – I believe that our food can be that canvas and by reconnecting with our senses of touch and texture, taste, smell and colours, we can support our other goals in life – whether this is to lose weight, have more energy, have more fun or make new friends.

I will warn you know I am passionate and my brain usually works faster than I can type – so sometimes my words may not make sense, will be spelt wrong, my grammar will be wrong and I love making up new words  – and that is just me.  Forgive me.  I want to inspire you to play and explore ingredients and food my recipes are not written to be precise – grab what is in the fridge and little by little you will cook for your flavour palette for your body’s needs.

My goal in this website is to inspire you to reconnect and learn about yourself in terms of your body, your emotions and the impact and support that food can provide you.  But I also want this to be a conversation so please connect with me on facebook, email, instagram, pinterest I may not be right in some of my ramblings – or you will have better ideas so lets share I believe in the power of communual intelligence so lets tap into that and grow together!