In my dreams I will mix different ingredients, it is so real for me I can sense the mix of flavours, textures, smell and know when it will work and how it will taste.

I do the same in restaurants I scan a menu and sense how each item tastes – I think I have always done this, but was never really conscious of it.

My husband can come back from work and I know exactly what he has eaten and drunk during the day just from the smell – it drives him mad.

Looking back as a child my sensitivity was also coupled with a deep emotional sensitivity, so I could feel the emotions of the people around me in a restaurant which would mean up to the age of about 12 I would find it practically impossible to eat in a restaurant and would end up violently throwing up  – I literally had to get the emotions out of me in order to move forward.

I am recovering from some sort of lurgi right now which has temporarily turned off my sense of taste which is such a key sense of my being. I can still imagine the multi-levels of flavours in my mind, but not in my tongue and I can still salivate thinking about food or reading recipes .

Not sure if it is a phase of the lurgi, but without the ability to taste it has really affected my appetite as I find myself feeling more hungry  – and I wonder if by being disconnected from my sense of taste it is affecting my appetite.  Taste for me is so integral

I remember during pregnancy when my senses were even more heightened I had the opposite problem and so again struggled to eat as I could smell if something was not right or the flavour balance was too strong – and for a long time I couldn’t eat spices, or strong flavours.

I learnt to work with my body and it taught me to able to deconstruct my food – into its parts smell, taste, texture, comfort food, minerals, proteins etc and then listen to what I needed and work out how I could cook this by removing what taste or smell was “too loud” for my body and so I could fine tune it for that period of my life.

At the moment  I can eat the foods I don’t like without worrying as all I can taste is salty, sweet and acidic.

I decided this morning that I might as well work with my body as opposed to against it.

As I write this I realise that this is a metaphor for “me” and I am entering into a new phase in my life – one which will be very different from now and so the way I currently ingest life will also change .

This for me has unconsciously been the pattern through my life – as I go through a change in life, an emotional period, stress, growth, reboot, I find I have to fine tune my food to support the change.

I believe that if we look at our lives  – our bodies will have found a way to give us a signpost that “something is changing” it could be putting on weight, losing weight, exercising, being sick, a food intolerance,  etc.

We all have our “signposts”, dreams, the words of a song, repeating number sequences, health issues –  mine is taste.

Listening to our unique languages can be really helpful in navigating life.

What are your signposts!