Healthy Gravy

Gravy using veggie water healthy and tasty.


I am married to a Northerner – actually more a Midlander – but it means there are cardinal rules about foods like you can never have too much custard or gravy! In fact at mt in-laws there is usually several large jugs of gravy with a roast – one for each male!

I have never been a fan of thick Bisto gravy you know the type with skin, where the spoon stands up and which makes a loud plop when it lands on the plate.

But a tasty gravy – full of goodness, doesn’t take forever to make, stir and wastes nothing – Aaaaaahhhh as they say!


Sunday I had an idea – so I washed the potatoes and boiled them up in the bottom of the steamer until they were par-boiled and then drained the water into a jug.


For my roast potatoes I follow the par-boiled potato method – where I par boil the potatoes surprise surprise and the shake the pan with the lid on so they smash a little which gives an extra crunch and then drop them into an already hot roasting tin of fat. Sometimes I toss them in a little polenta and also drop some rosemary or sage into the pan.


Anyway I digress and then I replaced the water from the jug back into the pan and added my stock or stock cube if you like which will dissolve in this hot water and then I added the other two layers of the steamer with my veg carrots, broccoli and home grown beans.


So added to my gravy would also be the nutrients from the veg, and then once these are steamed I removed the veg and added the juice from my roast turkey, some butter if required and then you can just boil it to reduce it and it can get as complicated as you like with fried onions, flour etc – I just left it like this as my Turkey had been stuffed with garlic, capers and butter so this flavoured the gravy and the turkey just right for us.


Just yummy and if you already have a jug of “veggie water” in the fridge you can just heat this up and use this to dissolve the stock cube.