I am passionate about spices for taste, colour and of course their health benefits.


Tumeric is such a beautiful spice – it has a unique yellow colour which is so good for your internal organs as I feel it just surrounds your internal organs in its vivid yellow colour a ray of sunshine and protection.   Also to my taste palate it does not have a strong flavour so can be added to a variety of foods.


We use wholegrain flour and as a family have experimented with Spelt flour, Buckwheat flour etc  and have found it works in yorkshire puddings, pancakes, soda bread, cakes etc. Do use whatever you have in the cupboard.


My two year old wanted pancakes for lunch so we made these together, as you know I am an intuitive cook so cook by feel rather than weights and measures please do google or find a recipe with proper proportions of liquid to dry ingredients.




  • Pancake Batter
  • 1 tsp ground Tumeric powde
  • 4 oz Spelt flour/ buckwheat – whatever flour you have in the cupboar
  • 1 egg
  • (Water/Milk/Dairy Free Milk – or coconut milk if required or instead of the egg)




1. Place the flour in a bowl,  add the Tumeric and perhaps a pinch of salt and stir.

2. Make a well in the centre and add your liquid and whisk together until you have a batter which is not too thick and drops of the spoon.

3. I tend to leave the batter aside for a few minutes as it lets the mixture fuse together and any starch come out of the flour which may change the consistency of the batter and make it thicker so you may need to add more liquid.

4. We filled ours with cooked mushroom and garlic, so we cooked the pancake on one side and then filled it with cooked mushroom and garlic and cheese and folded it, so the cheese melted on one side and then flipped it over you can also use the grill if easier.


Variations & Tips

This is great for children to make  although be aware Tumeric does stain clothes and bowls etc.  It does come off mostly if you soak it in cold water, use salt and then lemon juice if it is really bad.  It may change to a purple colour during this process which looks like it is getting worse but it is getting better.

  •  Turmeric really is a magical spice, every day there is an article in the news about the magical effects of “Turmeric” for brain fog, pain and inflammation, gut healing the list is endless.  I agree it is a magical spice but my word of caution would be to that if you are taking it for a health reason then please look for Turmeric with a “curcuminoid” content at least 95% which si about 100g of raw Turmeric and is the active ingredient with the root that is providing the benefits.  Our average supermarket Turmeric simply does not contain what is required and  most importantly it is completely gut unabsorbable so it is just making expensive wee.
  • This high strength Turmeric is best absorbed when it is combined with a fat such as avocado, coconut oil as you would cook with in a curry or when combined with Black Pepper.
  • For pain and inflammation I would definitely recommend The Naked Pharmacy products formulated by a team of pharmacists which combine food and clinically evidence, www.thenakedpharmacy.com.  This is my husband company jut so you know but they are the best on the market that i have found so far and because each capsule contains the correct powder dose you can use them in Turmeric Latte’s, Gin etc and you know you are getting the correct daily dose for the effect you wish.