In our day to day life we often disconnect from the basics – our senses.




The five senses of touch, sight, smell, taste and sound – impact us in every way consciously or sub-consciously, we react – our bodies react, our emotions react.




Our sense of smell is often cited as one of the most powerful in terms of evoking memories  – if you close your eyes you can go back to your childhood with the smell of the sea, bacon, freshly cut grass, Sunday roast, paint, Christmas, our smell memory bank is completely unique.


What if with each sense it is possible to match foods for example to the emotional requirement at the time to support us and nurture us?


Now our diet and the power of senses has a different meaning, it is as individual as we are and our needs will constantly shift – intuition and the symbols we see around us will help guide us in the correct direction.


Perhaps you smell a spice suddenly, find yourself drawn to the colour of certain foods or the texture of a food.


Smells trigger our salivary glands and our gut already starts preparing ourselves for the foods we can smell, which is why bakery’s and fast food companies pump out the smell of their produce to attract us.  Even elderly people with dementia will still react to their childhood smells as these memories are safely locked in their brains.